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All news /  2014-12-11 06:10:38 / 

Jellybean Benítez

Date / 2014-12-11 06:10:38

Legend of dance music John “Jellybean” Benitez, a remixer, producer and DJ of heroic proportions, creates their St. Louis entrance this weekend at the anniversary of one-year of the journal Nightchaser: An even of South Side Disco at Empire Hall in the neighborhood of Cherokee Street.

Their visit would be their first time in the Missouri and St. Louis. Benitez, 57, has reformed tunes for Madonna, Sting and Whitney Houston, in between so many others.

At the time, they was asked to perform this, they supposed, ‘Wow, they have never been there,’ and from what they heard regarding this party, this might be actually interesting,” declared by Benitez.

What they understand regarding St. Louis is the Cardinals, he declares. They grew up observing them play. They look onward to taking a photo at the arena.

Their followers have a lot to look onward to when Benitez, whose previous album was the expressive house collection music “A Celebration in Sound” (2010) with Marlon D. as well as Mena Keys, brings a lot of that similar power.

They normally play very moving Afro house, and it is type of deep, he explains. In case it does not move them from an expressive place, then they do not feel it. They perform from the heart, and they want the groove to shift them. Past that, what he will perform is guess of anyone.

They never decide their sets, he explains. Technology permits them to bring much more music, and they have been performed records for more than 40 years, so they actually just feed off of the power of the dancers.

Their music will comprise many songs with proper vocals that he explains is not something you will find much with EDM artists of today. buddies