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All news /  2014-04-02 19:32:57 / 

Jimmie Rodgers

Date / 2014-04-02 19:32:57

The Foundation of Jimmie Rodgers revealed the complete winning poster for the festival on Tuesday in this year. Moreover, dozens of the leaders from community as well as state that showed up for different occasion. Among these was the Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant that says that country music that is close to the heart. "I also grew up on this. Also, parents are fans of the Jimmie Rodgers as well as country music with Jim Reeves who then borrowed some songs of Jimmie Rodgers. My brother also has been singing at the music band of country for most part of his life, hence we generally grew up with the country music all around us – it is explained by Gov. Bryant. Moreover, Catherine Bass was also named the poster of winner of the year contest with the display of watercolor. She, with Bryant have also signed few copies of their poster.

Betty Lou Jones, the President of Jimmie Rodgers Foundation, also said that they were basically honored to have the governor present as well as excited for what the day actually means for Queen City. She also said that we wish that everyone to understand and to appreciate the talk about Jimmie Rodgers and what they means till the cultural tourism and the economic development as the history is concerned. The governor also says that while the festival of Jimmie Rodgers usually draws the crowd, he is even looking to forward to attention of Mississippi would receive for their music, through Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Center. The governor also said that the Arts & Entertainment Center would be where stone will hit the water, and also ripples would go out across the Mississippi, and these would begin here in the Meridian Mississippi with the astonishing center. The center is also expected to get complete in the year 2017. buddies