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All news /  2014-03-08 21:05:19 / 

Joel Madden

Date / 2014-03-08 21:05:19

Nicole Richie battled with the eating disorder earlier but after sometimes she reformed her ways when she became pregnant. Joel Madden, her husband has then returned from Australia to search his wife can be facing the death because of her new diet. As per the new and latest rumors, Good Charlotte brother is also ready to stage the intervention prior the things are quite late. However, Nicole Richie also admits to have struggled with her body issues in past but on the face of it does not understand that what all argument about her weight is during these days. The Cameron is quite much concerned, but she is also trying to be quite subtle regarding it. What so ever she has be doing while her husband Joel Madden also has been in the Australia recording for their version of Voice, he apparently hates it. Moreover, the source close to couple also told Star that Madden Joel is quite afraid that it is something which does not as soon as probable his wife may die. Joel said that Madden is on to the road to kill her, so he is quite scared about death that her organs would start to shut down. However, Nichole does think that anything is wrong and she thinks that she is absolutely healthy.

Moreover, insider further also explained to magazine, Joel is at the loss of actually what to do with their emaciated bride. At the same time, Joel also feels like the intervention can be only way which can actually help her to recover, but certainly she is in the denial and so no one may force to get the treatment. It also seems like most obvious and certain answer is the other baby, but once again, Nicole was so much hungry she may eat it. buddies