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All news /  2014-07-07 13:55:29 / 

Julian Casablancas

Date / 2014-07-07 13:55:29

Subsequent to 4 years of making the solo debut through Phrazes for Young & about 15 months after great recent Strokes LP, the Comedown Machine, as well as Julian Casablancas would also be releasing the initial most albums with the wonderful backing band of Voidz on 23rd of September. As per the latest press release, album, Tyranny, would also combine the "world underground of music from Seventies & Eighties, the hardcore or the punk & the modern harmonies" this will get released on the Casablancas' with own Cult Records. The Pre-orders are also available at the label of the website. As regards to the title, front man also explains: "Tyranny now comes in different forms all through the history. So, the great of the business is basically to put above, as the corporations have now become fresh ruling body. Many decisions also seem to be made similar to the ones of the medieval king which means what so ever makes the profit at the time of ignoring as well as repressing truth regarding what so ever is suffering this may create such as pop music, which is for that specific matter.

Previous year, Casablancas also appeared on the Grammy-winning of Daft Punk at the Memories of Random Access, singing the vocoded vocals above the French double track of new wave "Instant Crush," as well as this specific March, he also claimed that there will be the 2nd collaboration which had also failed to make this album.

Moreover Strokes, in the meantime, recently also played the homecoming, featuring gig at Governors Ball at New York. "Julian Casablancas' the vocals also emitted emotional strength, also when it type of looked such as he had forgotten few of words," Rolling the Stone also wrote about the performance. "However judging by that how much crowd is loud along, certainly New York is also quite glad to have it back." buddies