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All news /  2014-03-06 19:48:19 / 

Julie Bowen

Date / 2014-03-06 19:48:19

Basically, Disneyland is the theme park which is well designed for the children. However, cheerful Julie Bowen, the Modern Family star does not let that get in way of their super fun time on rides at spot of Anaheim adventure on Thursday, by throwing her hands in air in enormous triumph as Julie zipped around the ride of a Cars. Julie, 43-year-old have treated her son John for the day out at venue, where doting on the cute tot by carrying John around while he got tired because of walking on park of 160 acres. Julie was married to the investor of real estate, Scott Phillip. He is also known for making the appropriate use of free weekends by taking their beloved kids to local market of the farmers. She also shook things little with the trip to happy place of each kid, but with judging by look on their face as well as the winning way they threw her arms in air as well as also screamed to the content of heart, no one enjoyed rides which are more than actress herself.

Julie is dressed in the stylish black as well as wet-look thin jeans as well as the climate or savvy army of green coat, pale star which are pounded with concrete in the orange trainers as well as the look of the intent. However, walking on entirety of the Disneyland is not a simple feat, and it also appeared as though distance also got better of the Julie's cute son John at single point. Julie Bowen is an actress, who also plays as Claire Dunphy in the Modern Family which was also spotted carrying their growing boy in arms as he also sported the array of the red paraphernalia of Disneyland. In the meantime, cast of Modern Family has been gearing to film the exclusive episode of vacation. buddies