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All news /  2015-04-27 12:51:02 / 

Kari Ann Peniche

Date / 2015-04-27 12:51:02

Star Kari Ann Peniche "Celebrity Rehab" is one time more in menace of losing safekeeping of their kid ... later than new proof surfaced that explains she is ordering urine off the web and inserting it into their own genitalia in sort to pass drug assessments.

As per report, firnd of Peniche filed a statement in which he declares that he accompanied the earlier Teen winner of Miss United States to a facility of drug-testing in month of July and eyewitness her inserting the urine into their genital area ... thus she would "exude the bought urine" in the occasion a staffer at the ability followed them into the restroom.

In month August, Lee declares that Peniche even confessed to paying off ability staffers in swap for clean samples of urine. Lee explains that he observed Peniche utilizing meth as just as September -- in spite of having 50% safekeeping of their 1-year-old kid.

In beam of the new proof, the moderator in the guardianship case originate that Peniche poses a menace to the kid ... and lined that she can’t visit their son without a check until she gets two clean assessments.

Thus far, the moderator has yet to statute on the bid for sole custody of baby daddy. According to Peniche, Kari Ann obstinately denies some and the whole negative claims that have been complete next to them in their case. There hasn’t been any type of proof to set that Kari Ann has, at any particular time, situated their son in the way of harm.

On the other hand, the rep add some words like, Kari Ann has been a knowledgeable, caring as well as loving mother and will keep on to perform the whole that she legally can perform to keep safe the overall health, security and wellbeing of their son. buddies