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All news /  2015-05-28 12:11:07 / 

Katherine Jackson

Date / 2015-05-28 12:11:07

A mother has dressed cap and gown to their son and stroll the stage throughout their high school commencement only four days after the star quarterback was hitted in a car demolish on their way house from prom. Katherine Jackson was conquering with feeling because she took to the phase on behalf of their late son, Aaron Dunigan, on Wednesday at Thornton Fractional North High School in Illinois.

Their son knows their mom never walked on the stage; she explained on NBC5. She is going to be their legs, and he is going to be their wings and they are going to move up there and get their diploma.

Their son of 18-year-old was a traveler in the car of the friend as they missing a prom after festivity at a close to the hotel in the early Saturday hours. Throughout the drive to home, the car crossed a center and shattered head-on into an automobile.

Both the driver and Dunigan were killed in collide, and one of the friends of a teenager, Mike Crowter, was offended. He joined the graduation observance in the wheelchair and with a dressing across their head and wiped left tears as he hold close Jackson at the formal procedure. The undergraduates were being driven by any more friends, David Peden, at the crash time. Who was supposedly under the pressure of marijuana, was later stimulating with DUI causing death and irresponsible murder with a motor car.

The entire three classmates were planned to graduate on Wednesday, but subsequent the event of life-changing last weekend, just Crowter was available. It was the night of prom, classmate Keshawn Harrison declared. Only was not supposed to finish like that.

The ceremony of graduation was a bittersweet occasion for many of the undergraduates, who kept in mind Dunigan as a popular and kind scholar. He was preparing to perform football for Southern Illinois University in the fall. buddies