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All news /  2015-05-29 09:36:14 / 

Katie Leclerc

Date / 2015-05-29 09:36:14
Katie LeClerc wedded Brian Stuart Habecost in Palm Springs on Saturday, the Switched at Birth star verifies to PEOPLE. Held at the Colony 29, the wedding paired yellow and pink colors with themes that symbolized the area and the interests of the couple. They hold the cactus theme being that they were in the Palm Springs," LeClerc informs to PEOPLE completely. Brian and they are very outdoorsy therefore it was even bike-themed. One important thing the 165 marriage guests were not experiencing? They had a shock first dance composed, and the marriage party danced down the passageway, explains LeClerc, who established proposal of Habecost 29-year-old in the previous fall. It was remarkably breathtaking! The bride dressed a custom silk made criss-cross tulle fitted gown along with petal based skirt by Gustavo Cadile as well as the rings of couple that LeClerc calls "wonderful," are perfectly matching yellow gold on the inner side and meteorite on the outer surface. As long as the plans of honeymoon go, the wedded couple is keeping it fantastic low-key.  They do not have any so far, declares LeClerc. They could slip away to Catalina for some special nights. She absolutely, down their hands one of their preferred people in the whole world. She is the only their closest friends, and absolutely when it came time for them to purchase a home she was love 'Why do not you come live with them,' and she was like 'Hmm, good, it is 45 minutes out of the town, no issue.' They live approx 10 minutes from one other. Someone inquired them in case they saw as much when they were on pause as they were when they were filming, and they both feel that they see each other for when they are on break from when they are normally filming  they do not have scenes mutually. buddies