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All news /  2014-09-24 13:26:23 / 

Kevin Costner

Date / 2014-09-24 13:26:23

The picturesque beach of Camber Sands has been a preferred with stay cationers for long time periods. But it was treated to an overseas invasion of the king of Hollywood in this week at the time Kevin Costner come to work on some scenes for their new film Criminal.

The actor Bodyguard has been shooting the movie across different places in the South East next to co-stars Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Ryan Reynolds. On Tuesday he punch the sand with Gal Gadot to shoot what looked to be a idealistic sequence, with the couple talking up close and flouting into laughter. Being determined onto the beach by a green color Jeep, the couple even chased all around a young girl earlier than Kevin treated them to an attached.

But it does not seem to be totally smooth sailing for the character of 59-year-old - he was sporting a blue color sling on their arm all through the shoot. Small detail has been released regarding the movie that informs the killer story who agrees to have the memories and skills of a dead CIA functioning implanted into their brain to assist him stop a hazardous conspiracy. Thus, far the crew and cast have descended on Croydon College and Kingston-on-Thames.

A representative for Kingston Council declared this week: 'Most inhabitants have actually got behind the plan and have welcomed the possibility to rub shoulders with stars. Local trades have advantaged from having a great professional movie crew on their approach.'

Prior this month, Ryan Reynolds was marked speeding throughout London on the motorbike because he filmed their scenes for the mission.

In snapped images on particular location, the character of 37-year-old appeared to seize the bike from a dazed rider. Producers have yet to substantiate a date of release for the movie, heading for Ariel Vromen. buddies