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All news /  2015-03-31 19:49:05 / 

Kevin Federline

Date / 2015-03-31 19:49:05

It actually seems like it was only yesterday when Kevin & Britney were in the relationship, and they had disclosed it front of many people. And, look it is today when Kevin Federline & Britney Spears now are happily married & they are now filming for the reality show. On the other hand, that is more than 8 years before. Still,  couple also split in the year 2007, Federline also says, raising the 2 kids such as Sean, who is of age and Jayden who is 8 years old has also been just "great."

"Co-parenting is also going wonderfully these days, I just cannot ever complain," he also said this to the Access Hollywood Monday. "They have a talk when they need & it is usually about boys, mainly the school stuff and also to make sure that they stay on the top of it. This is just; it will be going to be great."

Moreover, he also gave one example as how wills this work. "I also work during the weekend and also go to the Orange County in California, my DJ," he also said. "Hence, they also went to the Vegas, [to always be along with Spears] ... so when she also had to do something, Kevin usually pick up kids and this is working just perfectly well.

Indeed, they also mentioned that he opened the DJ set in the Orange County along with the song of Spears'. "People also relate me to her quite much," Kevin said. "This is a kind of similar to the ice breaker for the club." So, Federline, who is of age 36, have six kids in, two from Victoria Prince, his current wife.

"I'm quite in the happy place now," then he also added, even reflecting his time with Britney Spears. "This time, it is similar to the whirlwind. So, you are also thrown into the limelight, and different types also happened. It is a great time in life." buddies