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All news /  2015-02-19 18:31:08 / 

Kirsten Vangsness

Date / 2015-02-19 18:31:08

Small as well as cozy blackbox of the Theater of the NOTE gets completely packed like Kirsten Vangsness transfixes entire audience with the tales of the kittens, with the monsters, & also nonlinearity of the time. The most infectious energy also engages people in room, however drawing the laughter, singing, as well as musical accessory as they performs the show of one-woman “Mess.” Being the proud member of the company, Vangsness provided 2 performances the past weekend being the fundraising effort for Theater for the NOTE’s imminent production of the world-premiere film “Niagara Falls” during the month of February.  On the other hand, following this show, Vangsness also explained to the Neon Tommy about the “Mess” morphs as well as it evolves every time when she performs this.

“This is kind of like of arranging the live document. It is kind of the like, work this as well as the tweak. So it also came out from... I had such various things that they have also wanted to mention & write regarding and also then the therapist mentioned, ‘Kirsten, I actually wish you should listen to the TED talk of the Aaron O’Connell’s that is also 'Making Sense for the Visible and quite obvious Quantum of the Object’],’ as well as I was quite like, ‘Oh, well this is really an interesting thought. What will be done when you put all of it together?’”

Vangsness also started her journey as the playwright who is also creating the monologues for their workshops through the casting of the directors. Finally, the writing portfolio consist of the multi-character, complete length of the show and also the solo play that is “Mess,” that she created exclusively first festival of Hollywood Fringe. buddies