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All news /  2014-05-13 15:22:14 / 


Date / 2014-05-13 15:22:14

At the present tie Donald Sterling has been completely banned for whole life from the NBA, there are more strange stories connecting the girlfriend who supposedly publicly outer them as a bigoted are emerging. V. Stiviano, who is best friends with A.K.A super head Karine Steffans, is present time actually hanging out with Dogg Pound Gangsta MC, Kurupt. The instant relationship between Kurupt and Stiviano is strange outside of the follow and comment of Instagram, but cameras of NBC4 trapped Kurupt leaving Los Angeles home of Stiviano earlier in this running week. Side-splittingly, Kurupt move the house using a hat that explains “STIVIANO” transversely the front.

Kurupt has been exposing a stable music stream because of late but has not any type of project lined up at the particular moment. Possibly Kurupt is arresting even as the host of iron and functioning his manner back into the eye of public and keep in mind, it is not any type of fun in case the homies cannot have none.

Because the Donald Sterling disagreement over his bigoted comments gets outsider and more heated, an added difficult to understand question has been regarding the connection of Dogg Pound associate Kurupt. The rapper was trapped in a picture coming out of the house of Stiviano before some weeks, and on their song "Politically Correct" they notices that the connection.

Kurupt, rapping over "Started From The Bottom" of Drake instrumental, preserves that they are best friends and that they only "move out to eat." On the other hand, Kurupt even describes to never judge a book by only its front cover, possible referring to the perception of public of Stiviano. Then Kurupt shows his complete support for Sterling, by declaring that his all the necessary actions are not anything to "persecute anyone for," as well as he is not mad at them. buddies