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All news /  2014-07-12 03:33:19 / 

Lamar Odom

Date / 2014-07-12 03:33:19

Kardashianalso feels as if she is pregnant for 6 years.The reality TV star about 30 years of age also filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, alienated husband during the month of December in December. At the same time he also believes that people are claiming and she is also expecting their first child for more than half of decade and also she admits, that first, she even struggled for dealing with incorrect rumours of baby. While Speaking with the, it was also said that it actually feel that I am pregnant since last six years!

She also said that ''I used to often getinsulted, such as, 'Is it that I look fat?' or what is the reason that t is being said like this?' But it really does not affect them as they would just say this. Prior to it I was like, actuallyam I having baby bump? Or is it that my belly is sticking much out?' However no, it mean, that single day this rumour would get be true, it was actually I was hoping, but who would know this? Till the time then, this is actually what it is.''

Brunette beauty where the sisters Kourtney and Kim both have their children of own who has also spoken quite publicly about theirstruggles to even fall to be pregnant in past, howeverthe dreams tobecomethe mother day.

However, 'Keeping up as Kardashians' also star that left to be devastated whilethey split from the Lamar of the following months about the rumours and so he also was addicted at cocaine as well as also cheated multiple times throughvarious women.

However, this also seems that Khloé is also trying & move on in her life since she is also now dating with French rapper Montana, 29. buddies