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All news /  2014-03-11 19:23:24 / 

Leighton Meester

Date / 2014-03-11 19:23:24

When Leighton Meester and Adam Brody does not choose to comment about their marriage subsequent to secretly tying knot, brunette beauty's earlier costar which could not help however it gush over newlyweds while asked about adorable couple. Few news groups also caught with Jessica Szohr during the requirement for the Speed premiere on the evening of Thursday, where erstwhile star of Gossip Girl also revealed that she has attained the chance or the opportunity to congratulate the pal on their recent I-dos, where by calling Leighton "astonishing," while confessing the pair which is perfect for one another.

"I'm highly happy for her," Internship star also flattered, looking to be gorgeous in the sexy and designer black jumpsuit. Moreover, in the mid-February, it was also confirmed that the Meester wed earlier O.C. knob in the ceremony which is top secret, even though the infamously private pair who also managed to keep news of I-dos under the wraps for just some of the time. When the news of nuptials broke down, the source exclusively specified that “Adam as well as Leighton also got married in the Northern California by ocean of just couple of weeks before," specifying, "it is quite small as well as close wedding with the close friends and the family. It was also quite beautiful." Even though Meester has also stayed mum at the time of her marriage, actress eventually flashed their wedding ring for initial most time that appeared to get paired with the bling of engagement, at the time of attending the Men and Mice Broadway and the press conference which was held at Signature Theatre at the time of Thursday in the NYC.

In the meantime, Brody was their last photographed thereby leaving the boxing gym in the mid-February, after news of nuptials broke of twosome, where they snapped sporting their new and latest favorite accessory. buddies