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All news /  2014-10-29 06:26:31 / 

Liz Callaway

Date / 2014-10-29 06:26:31

When even Julia Eltringham takes the stage on Thursday at the Johnstown High School, then she could not help however be nervous. Moreover, junior who is 16-year-old was also about to the sing "In their Little Corner" from production of Broadway of "Cinderella" not just in the front of complete choir however even in the front of Tony who is the nominated performer of the Liz Callaway. Moreover, Callaway also visited the Johnstown High School on this Thursday for the master class of the workshop to actually work with the choir students, provide them the recommendations on how to enhance the performance and also offer the advice as how to make them the professional singer.

This workshop was also sponsored by Newark-Granville of the Symphony Orchestra and also Foundation of the Mary E. Babcock. Subsequent to hearing the Julia sing, the Callaway also helped the practice that is elongating their phrases when she sings through focusing on the breath. In the music, understanding when & when not to also take the breath is quite critical, said Callaway.

Callaway also then worked with the members of chorale, even Apogee & Double Q those ensembles with the soloist Cameron at West to enhance the annunciation, projection as well as the energy. All of the advice was even on spot, said Cameron, who is 18-year-old and who is also the senior in the school. However, being able to also work with Johnstown choir is quite thrilling & exciting, said Callaway.

"I usually love to meet with young people that are involved in the music, so it is also hence it is fortunate in the career and so I think that this is significant to give back as well as hopefully to inspire next generation of the singers," said Callaway.

However, based on what that she has heard Thursday she also said that there is great potential in the Johnstown. buddies