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All news /  2015-03-18 11:46:57 / 

Lloyd Banks

Date / 2015-03-18 11:46:57

Lloyd Banks is considered as the veteran in game by many accounts, but Southside Jamaica, the Queens rapper is yet showing as well as proving the decade in his career. He also primed for the return to the prominence with heir next and the upcoming project, Cold Corner 3.

When it is considered among hottest prospects in rap game being resident of G-Unit’s rhyme animal, mixtape legend as well as punchline king that has also endured from the costly album leaks with the internal strife along the crew and that also has managed with the remain stoic. He also has built the catalog that is filled with the quality street of the albums as well as it maintained that the rep as rap to be the better lyricists that he will showcase at upcoming with the solo efforts.

On the other hand, Banks also felt that the complete vision at this time was not what the hometown that also wanted to usually hear. “I also wanted that I could do this, but at this time, this was the kind of resistance in the city of New York. Moreover, it was a kind of the going on point where these are like ‘Yo, that also wanna hear the actual hip-hop!’ hence I need to push that at this side, also to create the entire ‘another mixtape, that also ended up being the tape of A.O.F.N.O, but the material was also quite similar with Cold Corner, hence I also had to get out way and so also start all again.”

When it is also pressed for the specifics on new Banks are the mum on the details, but also does confirm about process of recording has start. There is no doubt that they may also look forward to the couple of the solo projects through the Banks.” buddies