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All news /  2015-01-29 07:04:16 / 

Lorenzo Lamas

Date / 2015-01-29 07:04:16

Later than getting fired from “The Celebrity Apprentice, of NBC” Shawn Johnson and Lorenzo Lamas the contestants had known their favorites to get success in the 14th season of the general competition.

They bet Leeza Gibbons will get success. They put their money on them, described by Johnson in TheWrap. She is a class perform and a luminous businesswoman.

On the episode of Monday, Gibbons led Team Infinity to a win by making a viral video to promote the brand of coffee Chock full o’Nuts. The success forced the notice of competing Lamas project manager, who is fate was preserved when he refused to choose two other teammates for possible elimination.

In spite of the loss, Lamas admired Gibbons. They are actually pulling for Leeza. She is such a noble, classy and clever woman, said by the actor. She has the monetary resources to move the entire manner and the creative skill to take them to the end. They were just sorry they did not get a possibility to be on the similar team.

But even as Lamas is dragging for Gibbons, that is not the similar as choosing a winner.

It is moving to be Geraldo. Do they suppose Geraldo should get success?” he inquired with an exhale noisily. He would not listen to anyone and the just though that he would hold up was their own. He is not a team performer.

Johnson and Lamas not just agreed on who must win, but with decisions of Trump to fire them. Johnson was release after Trump and partner Vivica A. they know why, but they do feel same as they had more to give and was the only of the toughest working ones on there, said by Olympic medalist Johnson. buddies