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All news /  2015-04-28 09:03:40 / 

Lou Holtz

Date / 2015-04-28 09:03:40

The Texas Longhorns planned a training clinic previous Friday and Lou Holtz the longtime head coach made a look to talk with players, coaches and recruits. Some of those recruits were prospects Parrish Cobb Waco cornerback and Eric Cuffee, the earlier of which chosen up an offer on their visit.

Holtz has perfectly ties to the program of Texas not just as their grandson Trey is a flatten quarterback for the Longhorns, on the other hand as Charlie Strong head coach worked under Holtz on the two different events -- as their defensive line trainer at Notre Dame and as their defensive manager at South Carolina.

So, the two have a powerful relations that persevere to this particular day.

It is very important to know why they are here, as of the marvelous respect they have for Charlie Strong, supposed by Holtz. Wonderful coach, but more prominently a wonderful person. They experience that he is their son that is how much they like and reverence them.

Possibly the very remarkable part of the verbal communication? At the mark 3:30, Holtz hits off the torn and changed trick of newspaper, drawing laughter as well as exclamations from the players of Texas. Inquired how he performed it, Holtz had an unbelievable response.

He explained, 'How they perform that? Absolutely, they planned, he declared. They wake up blaring in the mid night as they cannot mark it out either.

Holtz clogged their address with their own suggestion from a lifetime of training.

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