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Luis Gonzalez

Date / 2014-07-14 13:40:12

For the legends of Arizona Diamondbacks, Luis Gonzalez, this offers the idea of their triplets to move behind wheel of the car which was really very much terrifying as facing the star pitcher. It's just not of perils of road which parents such as the Gonzalez fear and also gets the drivers to be distracted, speeders, high rate of the deaths ion the teen-autothis is even the unexpected lack of control. These days, there is also one way for regaining the little and small amount of control in form of latest as well as updated technology. However, Ford MyKey is a keyinstance. It also allows the parents to control the speed limits, to block the phone calls as well as to insist the use of seatbelt.

While the kids of Gonzalez kids, even Alyssa and also Megan as well as Jacob also turned to be 16 years on 26 June, every person was also given as the new car from the Sanderson Ford, the F150, Escape as well as the Focus. These all came to be well equipped with the technology of MyKey, system also gives the parent with additional control over cars of the children drive, as mentioned by Stephanie Jarnagan, ford spokeswoman.

The Volume control will be able to limit audit system with 44 % of maximum and highest output.  The blocks of "Do Not Disturb" incoming phone calls as well as the texts on the phones is well paired with the Ford SYNC. The Calls are also being diverted to the voicemail as well as to the text messages which may also be viewed afterwards. The Drivers will be still able to make the voice-activated as the outgoing calls as well as SYNC 911 help can also make any call at the time of emergency. buddies