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Marcia Hines

Date / 2014-08-13 09:44:51

IF energy from first single from the latest album of Marcia Hines is anything to move by then also she has just no intentions to slow down. However, Hines with the 14th studio album, which is astonishing, launched in the month of April as well as the first single kind of Remedy, with the features of Hollywood superstar such as Russell Crowe. However, not just this but even Crowe directed the entire video which accompanied single. Crowe that is perfectly known for the musical abilities and also for the dramatic roles, earlier also sang with the Hines on their own albums of band.

The video is for the features of Remedy with Hines as well as Crowe are working in the hospital and also has a whirlwind of different reactions from the day when it is being released. However, there is just no doubt about the power of the voice of Hine, which would be at the show in Bendigo dated 24th August at Capital theatre. Hines also said that it is about 8 -10 years ever since he has been at Bendigo still it is lovely place to be there.

Now the actual work starts when this tour starts from 31st july and we may also go down east coast of Tasmania as well as across South Australia. It is quite wide tour.

At the same time even Hines is also expecting the mix of the demographics in their audiences with the people who remember them from while she arrived at music scene during the 1970s over and above when she was also the judge performing in the reality show of Australian Idol, that introduced her with the new group of admirers and fans.

In the year 1975 Hines has debut the album, Marcia Shines, that was greatest selling album by the artist of Australian female in the year 1975. buddies