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All news /  2014-11-04 07:00:30 / 

Mark Harmon

Date / 2014-11-04 07:00:30

FOX UK channel has gained the broadcast rights of UK to Certain Prey of John Sandford, a one-off TV film fronted by star Mark Harmon of NCIS; and Dead Point, the 3rd entry in the Jack Irish TV movies series starring Guy Pearce. Certain Prey of John Sandford follows Lucas Davenport, the Police’s Deputy Chief for the Minneapolis city who is known in to examine when a rob is shot after witnessing the wife murder of a nearby lawyer of real estate. The examination soon zeroes in on hit female Carmel Loan and Clara Rinker, a good-powered legal representative who had a mania with the lawyer of real estate. As Clara and Carmel try to plot their crimes, the count of body grows and Davenport does what he performs best — breaks the entire rules to shut the case.

The TV film is completely based on one of the over 20 novels in the series of Prey by John Sandford and was tailored for TV by Chris Gerolmo. Additionally to Mark Harmon, it even Tatiana Maslany stars and Lola Glaudini. Certain Prey was shaped for USA Network of NBCU, who had initially envisioned it as the initial entry in a fresh franchise of TV movie. Those ideas were then abandoned, though, after the film aired in the year 2011 to middling ratings.

Jack Irish: follows of the Dead Point, Jack Irish as he performs on a case to find a strange red book later than being hired by a good profile Judge. Terrified into an owner of sexy club world, bisexual blackmailers, dodgy drug dealers, and deranged killers, Jack starts to realize that he must follow their instincts and back left very leisurely and very silently – in case just the judge was not family. buddies