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All news /  2015-05-27 12:12:03 / 

Mark Mulder

Date / 2015-05-27 12:12:03

The general were not pleased with fifth inning slide of Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons which hitted the glove off hand of Yunel Escobar and marked the 3rd baseman to leave game of Monday with an “appealing cut up” hand.

According to Bryce Harper, Andrelton performs with a lot of power and is a wonderful performer but that is a slide of BS slide.

They were just going tough and keeping a try to go correct for the bag, said Simmons. It is bad that someone got hurt, optimistically it is not that terrible, but he was just keeping a try to play good. Simmons was impending in late and tough as he understood he was away, said Santangelo the Nationals analyst F.P. as a response was exposed on the broadcast of MASN.

At the time Simmons walked to the plate to lead off the 7th inning, Rafael Martin the Nationals reliever hit them with the pitch of 89-mph on their backside.

Carpenter said that this was what they expected. The broadcast team of ESPN censured the apparent retaliation of Nationals.

There is not any specific question that is on the reason, they suppose, said Aaron Boone. That is for the slip into 3rd base hitting Escobar out that honestly, there was not anything incorrect with the slide. Not any specific question regarding it. It completely has to perform with the play of Escobar.

In case this is the only point, then that is ludicrous, said Mark Mulder. That is ridiculous. In case so you are throwing at them that is preposterous. … in case that arrived from Martin, in case that was their decision to execute something, then he does not know more about the game. And in case that arrived from someone in their bullpen, or someone told them to perform that, then they do not know the game. buddies