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All news /  2014-09-18 08:24:50 / 

Master P

Date / 2014-09-18 08:24:50

First earlier member of Hot Boys Turk most probably threw the shade at the Cash Money, the C-Murder is now calling out their brother Master P as well as he is also talking some quite heavy stuff also. Moreover, on cut of 3-minute, C bares their soul is telling of their trials as well as tribulations that includes serving the life sentence for murder of the Steve Thomas. Moreover, he also reveals that someplace down this line in their life he even derailed to take his promising career to be down, as well. The rap of hurt C-Murder on chorus, "All it is wanted to be the soldier like."

Before this conviction in the year 2009, C also rapped next to Master P on their record label of No Limit but relationship between these two has also gotten rocky after then.

"I am having the dreams that tryna, my brother has killed me...why this hate real C?" then he also asks on the final release.

C also goes on for calling his "hero" as the unfaithful hypocrite. Moreover, he also accuses that leader of No Limit for assassinating incarcerated character of the rapper. Just take and listen to the message of C-Murder to the brother of Master P subsequent to this jump.

The teen also reportedly used the fake and the manipulated ID to get in the club when he was well beaten by the entourage of C-Murder prior when rapper shot them. It isn't first time when C has also lived up to the rap name. Perfectly reported by the MTV, he also pleaded that no contest to separate the 2nd degree of attempted murder charges with the stemming from the incident of 2001 at the Baton Rouge, the Raggs Louisiana's Club, where he supposedly pulled the gun on bouncer. buddies