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All news /  2015-03-13 11:38:34 / 

Melissa Claire Egan

Date / 2015-03-13 11:38:34

In last some weeks, the perfect love triangle is also brewing in between the Billy, Victoria as well as Chelsea. On the other hand, it also looks similar to Chelsea, who will not be in running for the heart any more of Billy. As per the Celeb of Dirty Laundry, an actress who actually plays Chelsea, Melissa Claire Egan also will go on the vacation according to the schedule. It also means that we will not even see Chelsea with "Young as well as Restless" for the couple of the weeks. People who are here are basically for the spoilers of "Y&R" such week. "Y&R" also head the writer of the Shelly Altman that also had to weave the departure of Egan in story. That also does it by creating the Chelsea realize about she always will be the 2nd to Victoria with the heart of Billy. The Billy really actually does care about Victoria and so, for the reason, they also decide to leave the city of Genoa.

The Altman told the Celeb of the Dirty Laundry. "This clears to the Chelsea, which Victoria yet also occupies the great place at the heart of Billy. Later, Chelsea also informs Billy she is also leaving the town. Surprisingly the Billy disappointed for hearing it. Seizing of Chelsea on the work opportunity to sorting feelings of the confusion.

Talking of departure of Chelsea, they are also been the rumor supposedly the Chelsea dead husband who is Adam Newman, also will coming again in "Y&R." This actor for playing Adam that is yet not confirmed, however, it will not be the Michael Muhney. In the case, when he does it will come back, the departure of Chelsea will also be a great move hence she will not need to deal with Adam drama and Billy. buddies