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All news /  2014-09-09 18:16:26 / 

Michael Howard

Date / 2014-09-09 18:16:26

Earlier Home Secretary & the Conservative leader named, Michael Howard has now become latest as well as famous politician to call at the French authorities for dealing with the migrants that are gathered at the Calais. Moreover, lord Howard, earlier MP for the Folkestone & Hythe, also said France that ‘must get their act together as well as even deal with key problem’ of the people who are asylum seekers in French town. At the same time, it also comes as the fears to grow over more and more desperate as well as eager attempts of the migrants that are gathered at port to acquire to UK. They even were stopped subsequent to the ferry workers that turned hoses on them as well as lifted the ramp of the ferry.

Lord Howard also said about Calais, the Mayor who is Natacha Bouchart is “directing the frustration as well as their anger at wrong or the incorrect target” subsequent that she also demanded complete UK deal with specific situation as well as also threatened for blockading this port.

He also said that at the time when he had “little sympathy” with the Calais, France must also be ‘taking it highly seriously about the obligation for processing the seekers of asylum.

Moreover, speaking about the Radio 4, he also said: “The common principle that every member of the state of European Union needs to subscribed is that the refugees, and the people fleeing to be persecution, must also apply for the asylum in their initial and the safe country where they reach."

"The time when he was the Home Secretary, that was also much a long time before now, they had the proper agreement with the France under where if the people came to UK from France as well as they also claimed that asylum we even returned them for France and even France dealt with the claim. buddies