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All news /  2014-03-13 20:42:16 / 

Mick Mars

Date / 2014-03-13 20:42:16

Guitarist Mick Mars specified that he actually does not like fact which his band generally uses the backing vocals of pre-recorded in their live shows, there by claiming that they prefers to basically watch the groups where performances are well delivered completely live. At the time of an appearance on their past on 03 March on March 3 with the edition of the show of Eddie Trunk of "Trunk Nation" on the Hair nation of SiriusXM, Mars was also asked regarding the fact and truth that they have a microphone which is in front of them on the stage at the time of live show of MÖTLEY CRÜE even though, by their own admission. It is the entire other story right there…." Mars then laughed quite nervously and seemingly not sure that he must also comment on issue. "This could also get me in much of trouble. I can say that there's, or let us put it in this specific way… I will just say 2 words and then you will know about Britney Spears."

Moreover, they pressed on what so ever this was also somewhat of the contentious issue in the band, so Mars Mick also said that "No, however, I think that this is between many fans, several music people." At the same time, they also asked that how does he personally felt regarding the supplementation about live stage. Mick also mentioned that I really don’t prefer it. MÖTLEY CRÜE also held the press conference on 28 January at Hotel Roosevelt which was situated in LA or Los Angeles where they even announced that this band will then launch their "Final Tour" afterwards in this year, with group planning for playing about 72 shows at North America in the year 2014 and also more overseas in the year 2015. buddies