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Mickie James

Date / 2014-08-30 08:35:48

There are basically not several wonderful memories which are surrounding this question. Also, there are not much but just there are few. Moreover, the match of Triple Threat at Wrestlemani 18 is perfectly featured with triple threat match who has featured the queen on hometown Trish Stratus, queen of the extreme Lita as well as Women’s Champion at the time-Jazz. This was also followed by remarkable Hogan Vs the Rock clash. It stole the rumble out of the match and also subsequent as well as key main event.

Subsequent to the stellar victory in key event of the Raw in the year 2004, Lita also seemed to be always heading to Wrestlemania just for 2nd time and also her feud with the Trish guaranteed the spot at Show of the shows. However at the revolution of the New Year’s Lita injured herself when she was trying to execute Thesz Press on the Stratus? Although she was even booked to lose the match, she even supposed to win title back at the mania that never happened for the reason that she tore the left of ACL.

So, finally here is the match which had the most effective as well as efficient storyline. It is the battle for title of the Women. It basically featured Trish Stratus; the greatness at such point always was set in the stone. Then was longest governing champion at such point as well as she was even set to face with Mickie James that at the specific point was also playing the obsessive fan and so then subsequently the most obsessive lover of the Stratus.

Paige goes for exclaiming that she yet loves as well as adores AJ, and starts to show the expressions which is traditionally known as the weird or the crazy and then it also seductively gets at the top of the opponents, this made me directly recall about feud which is between James as well as Stratus several summers before. buddies