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All news /  2014-03-29 22:36:35 / 

Mike Love

Date / 2014-03-29 22:36:35

Mike Love was honoree at 21st Ella Awards that put on by Society of Singers. Moreover, Performers as well as presenters for evening also include Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston as well as David Marks of Beach Boys, Wendy Wilson, Carnie, Bill Medley, Micky Dolenz, Dean Torrence, Christopher Cross as well as America. Among key performances was of Rita Wilson that was doing the Warmth of Sun, Lucy Lawless also performing will not be the Nice as well as California Saga, the group made of children of Love, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson as well as Jardine, Brian Wilson.

Love also brought other honoree for evening, Waters Family that attained The Voice Award, for singing the new composition, that give a free rein to Love. In other highlight, Love as well as David Lee Roth also sang for the California Girls, the hit for the Beach Boys as well as Roth.

On this Wednesday, the Beach Boys such as Mike Love also Releases the Tribute Song for George Harrison that was the key story. Here is a recap such as Beach Boys star of Mike Love that celebrated which would also have been the 71st birthday of George Harrison Beatles with release of the earlier unreleased song. Moreover, this track is even known as "Pisces Brothers," where Love released it as the tribute to Harrison. As per the announcement, even Love known as song "Pisces Brothers," since he as well as Harrison shared similar astrological sign as well as celebrated their birthdays all together on the other hand when they were on the trip to India during the year 1968 that even included Beatles, Mia Farrow and Donovan.

Here is basically what where Love need to say about track, "It is being 50th anniversary of Beatles that are coming to America; they also wanted to remember the incredibly important trip we took to India, at invitation of Maharishi. It was with an error influential on each one of us, especially George. buddies