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All news /  2014-03-28 15:27:17 / 

Mike Mizanin

Date / 2014-03-28 15:27:17

Though the superstar of WWE, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is generally used to stand at the top of champion’s podium through their lonesome, he is now got the partner-in-crime of their life. Subsequent of proposing to the girlfriend as well as fellow champ of WWE Maryse Ouellet of last winter, “Real World” alum as well as the host of “Rivals After Show” is completely off market, as couple would officially got the hitched in Bahamas at the weekend, as per the WWE. So, watch the backs, Hera and Zeus!

“Yet get the butterflies in the stomach thinking regarding the 1st seeing @maryse0uellet at her dress,” However, Mike tweeted subsequent to nuptials, that found pair in the picturesque weather that is beneath the beautiful and wonderful arches. Usually forever, one to stay in the corner of Miz’s, new mom as well as earlier “Real World where Back to the New York” also cast the member of Coral Smith which is shared the virtual congratulations when once she get word about her buddy that was the married man. Moreover, “The Miz, LOVE the Brother and even, congrats babe. Just look like as we both are completely grown up! The little girl will make ‘The Miz’ face regularly!” she also tweeted. We get demand on the Odd reunioin of the couple!

At the time of his season, Mike Miz “The Miz” also Mizanin was generally seen to get drunk and even busting into the alter-ego. Little does anyone also know that he will be even more than the drunken punch line, thereby becoming the most famous and renowned pro wrestlers in WWE, also winning heavyweight belt of number of the times.

He may even have got driven their roommates about wall about the act, however that small stunt got them the career as the entertainer in ring. buddies