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All news /  2014-08-12 05:21:01 / 

Mike Rowe

Date / 2014-08-12 05:21:01

Mike Rowe, Actor, was recently in Ephrata and, boy, did he have a pleasant stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites. Possibly, Mike best identified for hosting "Dirty Jobs" on the famous Discovery Channel, was enthused to post regarding it on their social networking Facebook page.

Mike recounts more than a few bad experiences, together with a stay at the cricket-infested hotel close to Austin, Texas. Though, there is no name.

After that he lauds their recent stay the Hampton Inn: in the last week, he goes to Ephrata PA as well as confirmed into a Hampton Inn. The hotel room was perfectly spacious and completely clean. There was a flattering chocolate bar, a few locally prepared pretzels, salsa, as well as a bag of Mennonite potato chips with a written note from the hotel staff. But lots of importantly – because the sign obviously points out - he was singled out as the guest of honor...for the whole hour!

To be obvious - he have not any type of relationship with The Hampton Inn, as well as there is not any type of obligation to say something good regarding them. Also, he can make no assurance that you would be afforded the respect he only experience or enjoyed, the largesse of Lancaster County. But he will allow you this - the girls at the back the counter are very pleasant, and the one from Wales with a humorous accent would make you pleasant smile. buddies