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All news /  2014-07-31 06:56:38 / 

Nick Davis

Date / 2014-07-31 06:56:38

Matt Wyatt perseveres that he is not any type of back-stabber later than Nick Davis away Sittingbourne on the night of Sunday. Brickies have offered Wyatt sole management later than telling Davis they not any longer desired to manage with joint-managers. Wyatt explains that he has lost a buddy later than argue, removing phone numbers of Davis, but without engineering their exit.

He supposed that the group spoke to him and described that they were planning of going with an exclusive manager and what were his views.

He completely agreed that was the most excellent way onward, whether they select him, someone else or Nick to be in full of charge. Nick did OK other than there were cracks and at the particular times they had some kind of disagreements.

For benefit of everyone- the supporters, players, committee, - you want one person in command. They have almost certainly lost an extremely good friend but they have not stabbed Nick in the reverse. They spoke on the night of Sunday and it was not the perfect conversation. They have removed their numbers from their phone.

Davis declared in the news of their departure on the forum of Sittingbourne fans. He noted that he only wish to allow the supporters understand that with a weighty heart they have been obligatory to resign their post as player and joint-manager as Matt will like this solely position and had the support of the panel. He wishes to thank you the whole for your unbelievable support and they have loved each and every minute of managing and playing for this wonderful non-league club. buddies