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All news /  2015-04-23 15:46:34 / 

Nick Hexum

Date / 2015-04-23 15:46:34

All of the people remember while "Amber" came. It is the tune quite catchy, it also stuck in the head after first lick of the guitar. Cats, squirrels and even men and women all were blowing the whistle. Moreover, 311 also has been plugging far away for about 25 years as on now, & it also that does not happen for the reason of this song. With the most impressive & catchy catalog from where you can easily select and each show has the 311 plays that are quite different than last, by keeping the fans delighted and came again for additional fun. This band also will be celebrating their 25th year of anniversary with the most upcoming release for extremely special set of the box, that as per the lead singer who is Nick Hexum, will get the dream of hardcore fan.

Created in '90s in the Omaha, Nebraska, the 311 have also released 11 studio albums as well as is recently working on their 12, that also promises to provide more of hybrid reggae and the rock fans tunes fans that have come for the love. Recently, 311 also has been maintaining quite busy with the sold out of the Jamaican cruise and the concert, highly touring & soon this band will also be debuting their own beer. Appropriately, this is the amber ale that guys made at the collaboration along the Cigar City of Tampa is also Brewing as well as Brewing of the Rock Brothers.

On the other hand, 311 will now hit SunFest for West Palm on the Beach on 01st May as the part of exactly what is probably best lineup for the festival. We lately had a chance always to interview Nick Hexum, the lead singer, and guitarist who talks about band’s latest album, what he has to stay perfectly sane between the shows, and secret to keeping the band moving for 25 years. buddies