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All news /  2014-07-09 12:20:44 / 

Nicolas Cage

Date / 2014-07-09 12:20:44

Nicolas is celebrating the birth of their first grandchild. Being a grandparent is something which Nicolas Cage has always thought about and so he was very much happy and excited to become grandparents. Nicolas is a 50 years old person whose son, Weston Cage of year 23 along with his wife, Danielle both of them welcomed the arrival and celebration of their prince charm, Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage who came in this world on July 1. This baby boy, was born on Tuesday at 3:14, he then also received his name with the high honor of the heritage and his entire family.

Now on the other hand, Weston, whose mom is basically the ex-girlfriend of Nicolas, Christina Fulton, as well as his wife also spoke about high inspiration for the namesake of their latest and smallest family member. There is absolutely no doubt at all that 'Lucian is basically the Romanian descent, that is what she is,' Danielle also explained this over Weekly. As well as Augustus is also taken from the grandfather of Weston'.

The newly father also added to this: 'we hereby honor August, my grandfather very much and full heartily. He is of exciting wisdom. He was really a true genius'.

In the month of February this couple also opened up the reaction of Nicolas to news that he will be also becoming the grandparent. At the same time, Weston also revealed that my dad is extremely delighted at the fundraiser of the Kasem Cares Foundation. On the other hand Nicolas even has the son, Kal-El, 8 years old with his wife Alice Kim, who is about 30 years. buddies