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Nicole Kidman

Date / 2015-04-23 15:45:25

Nicole Kidman now has come beyond the fire from the union head for the American Airlines that is for the role being the spokesperson in the TV commercials for the Etihad Airways. However, Kidman, certainly is not initial a first celebrity always to get them front of the camera for selling the airline seats. Fascinatingly, many American have also used the celebrity endorsers; that consist of James Gandolfini in the parody of Sopranos.

So, mentioned below are some notable commercials which consist of the latest through the actress who is also born in Australia. At the same time, Kidman also uses the star power for marvel at innovations of the Abu Dhabi that is based on the Etihad insisting, “dream is also very much possible,” as they luxuriates in their decked from Airbus A380s, that is mainly strolling between the first class of the suites, with the standup bars, as well as lounge areas. However, the admiration for a young fan, just to lose to charms as well as ice cream that is also offered by the flight attendant of the Turkish Airlines.

You may also believe that you are Kevin Costner while you fly airline of Istanbul-based, as per to this it is a real fun with the commercial titled as “Feel being the Star.”

The Hollywood actors that also consist of Nicole Kidman has descended on the Tasmanian farm for the film Lion, story of the Hobart man that used the Google Earth to search the family of India. Moreover, Saroo Brierley is also separated from their family as the young boy as well as also adopted from the Indian orphanage from the age of 5 through Hobart couple Ian as well as Sue Brierley.

The book about the experience to search the family using the childhood memories as well as Google Earth that is now getting filmed in the Tasmania. buddies