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All news /  2014-09-02 08:58:56 / 

Nikki Reed

Date / 2014-09-02 08:58:56

The Vampire Diaries hunk at Ian Somerhalder as well as the actress of Twilight Nikki Reed's the whirlwind romance that has become talk of entire town. Just a month earlier, this couple was well spotted to be cosy as well as holding their hands at the Farmer's Market, so since then the couple is known to be inseparable. The couple is even spotted jogging with one other, and even Reed accompanied Somerhalder with the most Creative Arts of Emmys in the year 2014. Things are for sure moving quite fast for this couple. On the other hand, there are even some rumors of the impending split that is definitely to cheer the fans of Nina Dobrev!

As per the magazine OK!, Ian as well as the Nikki's relationship gets moving quite fast for the great comfort with the shifting of Nikki few of the things in the apartment of Ian's and also practically moving with him. However magazine also goes reveal that the Nikki even has changed the entire schedule of work to coincide with Ian's & is also well supports the entire charities. Moreover, Nikki Reed is also known to move at the way quite fast in the relationships. Also, 26-year-old actress gets married with Paul McDonald subsequent to dating them for only 11 months, as well as their marriage even does not last for long.

It is also true that Nikki fell quite hard and even fast for Ian, however as per the different reports, there can already be a great trouble in the paradise. The source  which is close to this couple also told to Celebrity Laundry that the girl Nikki is starting to second-guess the relationship and life with Ian, along with the novelty to the play house with Ian is wearing completely off. buddies