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All news /  2014-03-12 20:25:29 / 

Nikki Sixx

Date / 2014-03-12 20:25:29

Motley Crüe may yet make the music together in spite of signing the contract of ''no more tours''. 'Kickstart My Heart' who are the heavy metal rockers such as Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Vince Neil also announced the farewell tour prior to this year as well as also admitted that they had signed the document which is legally-binding that means they will not be able to move on road together once again, however, Nikki insists that it does not mean end of band. He, further explained that the contract which is quite legally binding. The Motley Crüe also cannot tour. We can also tour as a Flaming Buttholes; however it is the kind of pointless, right? So, we should do the disco record as well as tour as Disco Boys. On the other hand Motley Crüe will never tour again. So, ''It is no more any kind of touring. We may make the music; we may do much other stuff as well.'' Moreover, the 55 year old even admitted and accepted that at the time when band is working on few of the new songs together, certainly he is not sure if he will wish them to release the new album at specific stage in the career. Also, Motley Crue the bassist, Nikki Sixx also has the adorable young goddaughter who is named as Lilly, and also he upped the cute factor in picture of week while he also went & read to the class of pre-school. He also captioned uber delightful photo, “Moreover, reading today in my loveable and beautiful god daughter of the preschool of Lilly. Days like such are what the life is actually about.” Moreover, while we do not imagine that he is reading them from memoir. Even if they actually could not have comprehended about awesomeness of such situation as they were in. buddies