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All news /  2014-07-07 13:54:19 / 

Nikolai Fraiture

Date / 2014-07-07 13:54:19

You might have also caught Strokes of Nikolai Fraiture at onstage in the Governors Ball such earlier weekend when the band also anticipated the set it was one of 30 top Things, however bassist has also been keeping very much quite busy and that also offstage, at the same time. One of their most recent as well as latest projects has just now hit the internet through the web: the bouncy re-creation of iconic wooze-fest with the Mazzy Star of the"Fade into You" along with the Brooklyn band of Au Revoir Simone.

The Strokes is the latest and new Immortals hence, "I also saw Au Revoir Simone that also perform this song on the kexp as well as also have few wonderful ideas as how it can be also recorded," the Fraiture, who is also produced this song, says the Rolling Stone. "I certainly love this band and also met Erika Spring all through few of the friends of New York.  They have also sent them through the rough or drastic version of this track. They have finally agreed to come in the studio for performing the vocals and also sent in the parts of keyboard at the time of the tour. They also did only some vocal takes however it really sound to be just great.

AT the same time , The "Fade" cover that has the most delightful as well as the bouyant feel of the post-punk, it is also one-off the team-up which is featuring the Fraiture on the bass as well as on the guitars on other hand. The entire crew has also recorded this song at the studio of Downtown which is situated in the New York during the month of February at the time one of epic blizzards of the entire city. " buddies