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All news /  2014-05-07 10:38:43 / 

Oliver Stone

Date / 2014-05-07 10:38:43

At the present time filmmakers of Hollywood visiting China are vigilant to admire its progress in movie or as a minimum to keep away from providing offence. They have a great market to mollify, the major in the world later than America. On the time of Thursday a director, Oliver Stone, made for an unusual exception.

Talking on a board at the 4th International film festival of Beijing, Mr Stone savaged the film industry of China for failing to tackle the last century history of China, mainly the catastrophes under the rule of Mao. He even talked his personal failed efforts at associating with China to co-produce movies.

You discuss about co-productions, but you actually do not wish to face the China’s history. He tried to create a movie regarding Mao Zedong. But he was discussed that you will not at all make a film regarding about the Cultural Revolution, he supposed in the performance of a stage observed by scribblers from Variety, the reporter of Hollywood and the Los Angeles Times. On the other hand Mao Zedong has been lionized in numbers of Chinese movies, but never criticized. It is whole regarding the time. You obtained to make a film regarding Mao, regarding the Cultural Revolution. You perform that, you start up; you mix the waters as well as you permit true originality to come out in this country. 

Mr Stone has concrete standing for his squabble. He directed, produced, narrated and co-wrote “The Untold History of the United States”, a documentary series of ten-part televised that started airing in year 2012 and researched into some of the darkest chapters of his own modern history of country. He has even applied a decisive lens to the history of America to make few of his most unforgettable movies: “Born on the Fourth of July” and “Platoon” regarding the Vietnam War and its result, and “Nixon” and “JFK” about the alleged scheme to shoot one leader and the plans concocted by any other. buddies