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All news /  2014-07-11 08:08:39 / 

Patrick Duffy

Date / 2014-07-11 08:08:39

Patrick Duffy is the busiest art collectors is hopscotching all around the city of Europe just now, also having attended event of Art Basel in Switzerland previous month as well as also spending the important time in Spain during thistime of moment. However, that also has not even stopped them from igniting art program for upcoming festival set of Life is beautiful for the month of Oct. 24-26 during the downtown at Las Vegas. Also, the man that headed the installation of LIB artjust a year before at inaugural event also get presented at new space of exhibit The Western casino hotel on the Fremont Street, that also opened about 35 years before under ownership of Mel Exber and also Jackie Gaughan. Known in these specific days for greatest bingo parlor available at planet, Western would also now open “the actually cool space,” according to the promise of Duffy, to great artists.

However, Duffy also has contacted the artists as well as the gallerists who have featured at year of 2013 during the exhibit of LIB festival at Town Lodge, which is titled as “The Odyssey,” & even asked for the submissions which needs to get included in the show during the month of October. The best 15 of the 20 artists also would be invited to “art happening” during this festival.

The concluding lineup would also get assembled in most swift as well as comfortable manner. The deadline of the submission is on Sunday. Moreover announcement of people who would also get participated is even expected the week afterwards. The hope of Duffy is basically to match “unbelievable success” regarding “The Odyssey,” when homing in at the perfect artist of Las Vegas. Since Duffy also has said to artists, “that the feeling is generally local and also to have the local art talent also carry the global message of art.” buddies