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All news /  2014-06-28 10:35:27 / 

Phil Brown

Date / 2014-06-28 10:35:27

PHIL Brown claims that doors are still open for Jakub Sokolik as well as John Egan both to join the Southend United. However, defensive duo, where both of them ended the last season at the loan with the help of Shrimpers, have also advised Brown as they were expecting to join the clubs from high level. On the other hand, neither of the players also needs to sign the contract at other side. At the same time, even Phil Brown will yet welcome both of them to the toots hall. Phil Brown also said that we have been told by the agents that players would be joining the clubs from high level however the door will be open for them in case they plan to come again. In such a case, I will always welcome a chance of signing either of these if I can and if they have not exactly signed anyone still.

 “We even expected Jakub for joining Yeovil however they still signed the other centre-back as well as still have 2 from the last or from the earlier season so they would vie with entire of these 3 of them for specific place in their team. Moreover, He will be the 4th option that might not always bode quite well for them.

“We have always been back in the touch for the reason of this and even made it clear that our offer is yet quite much at the table.”

Moreover, Sokolik also made about 12 appearances for the Blues at the time of the loan from the Liverpool at end of previous season. However, Egan, who also was with Shrimpers from the Sunderland, even played for about 15 times but they has been much heavily linked with the switch to the Blackburn Rovers Championship club during this summer. buddies