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All news /  2014-03-10 20:04:35 / 

Rick Gomez

Date / 2014-03-10 20:04:35

The retailers have built their brand by developing their unique and exclusive product lines with the huge name talent such as Michael Graves, Philippe Starck and Cynthia Rowley among various others and would also continue to do it. However, Target is also now testing waters with the fresh faces, thereby partnering with 3 best pinners such as Joy Cho, Kate Arends and Jan Halvarson all of these write blogs as well a work in the design in different capacities on the series of the restricted edition collections which features the products of party which will be also sold in the stores and also online outlets. The social media also creates several great opportunities which was meant for talented new comers, as well as we certainly see these days top Pinners as the expert curators of design and style and deign.  Rick Gomez, the senior vice president Target of the marketing of decision to work along with trio. Cho, Arends and Halvarson have the huge followings on the Pinterest--Cho also ranks highest along with the well above then 13 million. In the mean time, party products are famous and popular topic on service of content sharing, with above 700,000 party-related products which are pinned to site each day, as per Gomez, who specifies Target is initial most  retailer for engaging the pinners to create the collections of the party.

The initial most collection goes on the sale on March 16 and it will also be from the Cho, which is the LA based graphic designer that is behind blog. However, the 2nd collection, which is available at the Target the final week of the June, would be from the Halvarson, who also lives in the Vancouver, as well as it is a co-founder which is along with husband Earl Einarson. buddies