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All news /  2015-06-12 19:03:03 / 

Rob Zabrecky

Date / 2015-06-12 19:03:03
It was the hot day of Baltimore in early ’90s when Rob Zabrecky was on the tour as the frontman for the post-punk band of the Possum Dixon. He also has spent the off hours looking for filming locations for the movie of John Waters. However, the heat is also getting to them. He also opened the entire door to the magic shop, by also hoping for cool off. However, little does that they know that they was also embarking on the latest path, that the magic will also steadily draw them in more than next years, so he would also leave their music career far behind. Moreover, he also bought the most vanishing trick of the handkerchief. But they also knew old-fashioned illusion may also not play perfectly before the audience for the Baltimore hipsters. For the stage, they also set apart the bass as well as unwrapped the condom. They also made it be disappearing. This crowd also went to be incredibly wild. “I also fell in the love with the culture of the magic,” says Zabrecky.   For last two years of the successful Possum Dixon, a decade and the long run, even Zabrecky admits that was also highly interested in the magic performance. “We are also making the perfect record through Ric Ocasek, and so all that I was basically doing in the entire studio is about the tricks. This also didn't make them quite happy.” Gradually, Zabrecky also found that they also had given for the wanting for writing the songs. “I am also just getting more of the fan of the music at a specific point.” In spite of their history in the rock, they are not high-voltage of the bad boy of the entire magic world, even Criss Angel with style. However, work of Zabrecky is also eerie, slow-paced as well as quite beautiful. buddies