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All news /  2014-04-03 16:03:06 / 

Roy Jones Jr.

Date / 2014-04-03 16:03:06

Earlier champion of UFC middleweight Anderson Silva supposes that his dream about boxing match next to Roy Jones Jr. earlier pound-for-pound king will not any longer take place. Silva supposed that UFC executives Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White scowled on the proposition of pitting him next to Jones, mainly later than he got harmed while fighting with Chris Weidman the middleweight champion.

They do not suppose that this is going to take place. It is not a politically well idea received by Lorenzo and Dana. They are trying, they forever bring that particular subject but they are irreducible. It will be chronological...but it is his dream, declared by the Bloody Elbow the Brazilian superstar of varied martial arts.

Silva declared that even Jones is keyed up to face him but approved that the particular fight is an issue of business. In the meantime, Silva supposed the things are happening well about his revival. He observes himself coming back to the octagon in year 2015.

In the zero to ten scales, he is nine at the present time. The physician supposed that he just cannot run and jump. They can fight once more in this year but as of private projects they must just return in year 2015.

Silva it is not positive regarding the odds of facing Roy Jones Jr. in the match of boxing. From the report in an interview: he does not think about this is moving to take place. It is not a best idea in any manner that is received by Lorenzo and Dana. He is trying very well and he forever brings that particular subject. It will be very much special Roy spanking of him but actually this is his real dream. He is even very thrilled to perform this but it is not in his hand, it is an aspect of business. buddies