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All news /  2014-07-10 09:37:29 / 

Sarah Clark

Date / 2014-07-10 09:37:29

Charity was also winner since 2 members of the Team Scotland also took part in Bupa Charity Judo that Open in the Motherwell previous weekend. This event at the Regional Sports Facility of Ravenscraig was even attended by the John Buchanan that was British captain judo team at year 2000 of the Sydney Olympics, as well as fellow Clark of Olympian Sarah. This is also expected that several pounds would also get raised for the Children 1st, leading children of the Scotland charity, as well as Susan MacDonald, the home manager at Golfhill Care of Bupa Home in the Dennistoun, Glasgow, also get delighted with this wonderful response.

However, Judo is also a sport which runs in the family of Susan, with their sons actively being involved in different competitions, as well as she was driving force which is behind the event. At the same time, she also said that “The weekend is quite long and competition was also highly superb, with the strong feedback.”

John Buchanan is also the Scotsmen to conquer the medal of World Championship, and also counts their role in year 2000 during the Sydney Olympics as the proudest time. However, likewise, Sarah Clark also has been the frequent Olympian who is participating in 2004, 2008 as well as 2012 Games. Moreover, the Bupa Charity also featured the appearance from the Pat O’Hagan, the Scottish legend of judo who lives at South Lanarkshire.

In spite of visiting event by the chance that is creating the stir which among the competitors as well as the referees alike Pat was even invited for hand out the medals to the winners. It is the 4th year Judo Scotland which is the sanctioned event, it is also sponsored by the services of Bupa Care, has been also held and this is now well established as the key competitions on calendar of Scottish judo. buddies