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All news /  2014-03-24 15:26:58 / 

Sarah Clarke

Date / 2014-03-24 15:26:58

Stephen is not only one in the family having high level of powers. Coming back after the break of about 3 weeks, CW's is People picks of tomorrow Wednesday that is following the discovery of the Stephen that the unassertive mother, such as Marla, is the Tomorrow Person, as well. This was something which developed the halfway all through entire season," Sarah Clarke told the reporter of Hollywood. The story is of Tomorrow people as Peyton which has listed on the Leadership of Cara's Shaky, great Clashes as well as Unlikely Shifts. She also added that he even came with the really great explanation in sense which is the first motivation of doing this is basically for protecting their children for the reason that was happening with the Roger as well as what he was even doing with Jedikiah, his brother. This is always been in name of the self-preservation as well as preservation of kids."

In the chat with the THR, Clarke also talks about Marla as well as Stephen changing dynamic, which is faced by Jedikiah and what is next. Now, when Stephen is completely aware of the powers of his mother, how does it change the dynamic? It is certainly a great move? What it actually does it makes them to be strong and makes them to be highly allied in with the common cause. Certainly Marla does not know about extent to which the Stephen was out and was using their powers with Tomorrow People along with the Ultra. However in regard finally being capable to see one other as these are, this is really comforting. This is basically something which Marla has needed to sit on herself as well as deny regarding herself for long time.

Hypothetically, how will Marla handle the Stephen cavorting with Tomorrow People as well as Ultra to an extent that they were? buddies