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Scott Steiner

Date / 2014-08-28 08:38:59

Scott Steiner is on the hand for Comic-Con San Diego, where they concisely spoke about their career as well as the action figures. At the time of an interview with the Ringside Figurines, "Big Poppa Pump" also was asked if there's any specific chance of them to sign the deal of WWE Legends this then enables WWE for creating the new merchandise in likeness of the talent, with talent being getting compensated.

"However, I've always been asked for the Legends contract," it was said by Steiner. "Unluckily, my lawyer also explained to me about that this is really not worth of the paper this is basically written on." However, WWE has also promoted Steiner about the product as they are playable character of the WWE 2K14. The deals of Video game with earlier talent, on the other hand, are the separate from of the contracts of WWE Legends. Moreover, WWE Hall of the Famer Bret Hart even has declined about Legends deal, so has no such desire to sign it. He generally prefers to be their "good friends" with the WWE as they do not wish to get owned by the Vince the sport of McMahon of the entertainment empire.

Hart even told the radio station 680 about the News in the Toronto previous summer. "Certainly I'm Bret Hitman' Hart as well as I does not wish to give the WWE with my name."

After this, Hart also continued: that it took me 14 years of the hard labor to posess the rights with my name. This was one of such conditions when they left. So, go back and just to give this to them as I am doing fine with them on own. I also don’t prefer to get owned by the WWE; I prefer to be great friends with these." buddies