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All news /  2014-12-29 09:08:18 / 

Selena Gomez

Date / 2014-12-29 09:08:18

Selena Gomez is a powerful lady, and she is confident to have lots of suitors approaching their way after their newest selfie on the Instagram. The starlet posted the image on the 28th Dec. and was cute crafty with the photo. She utilized the mirror on the top of their bed and the reflection of camera flash to pull off one of the most recent pics they have ever observed.

They have observed much on selfies, but latest picture of Selena is one they cannot seem to overlook.

In one of their very seductive images so far, Selena posed for the camera on top of their bed. You cannot check exactly what she is wearing as of the intense flash, but it type of seems like she has on a beautiful red color dress. Though, you can obviously check she is got their hand on her hip and their leg pulled up in the sexy manner.

The songster headed to Dubai along with Kendall Jenner, Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid. Cody posted that he was having a gathering, thus it is secure to assume Selena would be staying for the partying. This marks the 2nd celebration that Justin was not requested.

Looks the same Selena is showing their ex Justin what he is missing. She has each right to show off what she is got, and they do not blame them!

Could Selena be complete with Justin for best and just utilizing their sexy selfies to taunt him? buddies