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All news /  2014-05-10 20:31:42 / 

Sofia Coppola

Date / 2014-05-10 20:31:42

In case you are in doubt like what a live-act enlist "The Little Mermaid" by Sofia Coppola may look the same critically, there is one in the functions, Die or Funny is here to assist. The website has placed a spot-on caricature starring ("The Carrie Diaries") AnnaSophia Robb and ("American Horror Story") Evan Peters as angst, hipster editions of Prince Eric and Ariel.

There are some references to Films Coppola such as "The Bling Ring" "Somewhere," and "Lost in Translation," and a packed soundtrack with indie bands, also.

The version of Coppola of the "The Little Mermaid" the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, not the animated version of Disney is in the performance for Universal Pictures, along with Caroline Thompson the "Edward Scissorhands" supposedly functioning on the newest edition of the particular script.

The version of Sofia Coppola of "A Little Mermaid" is at rest an extensive method from theaters, but the amazing Funny or Die has previously whet their hunger with its exactly right caricature of the unmade movie. AnnaSophia Robb performs Ariel, fanatical with their Smartphone shaped on shell and Evan peters Prince Eric who floats all around in the pool with Ray Bans and a crown, as well as takes proper cues from standard aesthetic Coppola you can see "Marie Antoinette" "Lost in Translation" and "The Bling Ring,". They find completely drunk. They perform karaoke. They burn cigarettes under the water. To be very honest, it is really a wonderful movie they would pay for money to watch. buddies