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All news /  2014-05-28 09:04:42 / 

Solange Knowles

Date / 2014-05-28 09:04:42

At the time Solange struck Jay Z, a few of their sales power have to have rubbed off. As per to Nielsen SoundScan, the overall songs sales by younger sister of Beyonce flied in the wake of their attack on their rapper brother-in-law. Later than the period of, three days the elevator fight observed all over the world, figures of Solange Knowles for the shot week from 600 to 2,000. On the other hand, Nielsen SoundScan didn’t smash out that tracks shifted north.

Throughout, the similar time period, the streams of singer on the doubled of Spotify. Solange has not at all sold somewhere close to the range of their older sister. Their debut, singly star, shifted approx 112,000 copies again in the year 2003. It pushed from the charts in the period of only five weeks.

Their follow-up, Hadley St. Dreams and Sol-Angel, of 2008 liked a strong starting week, opening in the Top 10 of Billboard, along with the mark of total 46,000 copies. Apart from this, it is worn out its appeal in a quick manner, calculating last sales of only 138,000.

Along with their solo albums, Beyonce has practiced album sales of over the amount of 12 million in alone the U.S. Additionally; she has overall sales of over 15 million along with the Destiny's Child in alone the U.S. Talking about the Jay Z, who has over 29 million skilled album sales in alone the U.S. buddies