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All news /  2015-05-27 18:01:12 / 

Stefanie Powers

Date / 2015-05-27 18:01:12

Stefanie is about 72-year actress and she is also best known for their role as Jennifer, she is also set to make comeback in West End of London, starring in musical Follies after this month. Moreover, Stefanie certainly dressed to make impress for their interview during the talkshow, with their wearing long-sleeved of black & white dress, that is also teamed with the pair of the shiny black heels. Moreover, star teamed with the classic get-up through lashings of the dark red lipstick as well as the Smokey eye shadow, wearing the flame of red hair loose as well as wavy around the shoulders. However, making an effort for posing as well as smiling for the photographers, as Stefanie is definitely looking quite younger as compared to her real age. Inspite of entertaining the crowds for many years, she also doesn't show the signs to slowing down at any time very soon.

At the same time, Stefanie will also join the likes for the Christine Baranski, Anita Dobson as well as Christopher Biggins for 2 performances in the Follies. These are also being held for celebrating the Stephen Sondheim's on their 85th birthday during the year. Also, this is about 1,000 & more years of the professional experience that is going to be at that stage that also consists of Christine Baranski as well as several other well-known & renowned people" explained the actress.

Most of work she would also like to does mainly in the theater, and also she has some plans brewing through both for West End as well as Broadway for this year & also for the next year. Powers also maintains the homes in the city of Los Angeles, Kenya, London and often travels. She would also love to see high amount of the Mongolia, where they also enjoyed playing the game polo. buddies